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Seven Quick And Easy Ways To Board Up A Window

Seven Quick And Easy Ways To Board Up A Window

13 Aug 2020

The role of windows in our homes cannot be overemphasized. They are a solid form of security that offers protection from bad weather like raging thunderstorms, heavy winds, and terrible events like vandalism and break-ins. So when there's a broken window, it makes you vulnerable and easily susceptible to dangers. 

You take care of so much with your DIY skills, but how much do you know about boarding up windows? emergency boarding up service in Essex has witnessed a lot of window accidents caused by robberies and break-ins, fire damage, building restoration, general cleanup after a damaging storm etc. From time to time, we handle board-ups emanating from these situations.

Now when this happens in your building, you immediately and instinctively want to secure your commercial or residential property. This is normal. After all, man's strongest and most intrinsic instinct is self-preservation. You also want to save up on costs that can quickly accumulate. Well, we have compiled seven guiding steps to aid you.

First off, however, get the right tools.

  • Leather gloves and safety glasses
  • Tape measure and a staple gun
  • Circular saw, power drill, and needle point screws
  • Plywood sheets(preferably half-inch thick)
  • Masking tape, packing tape, and heavy trash bags 

Tips to secure your window

·         Self-protection is key

Working with power tools, shattered glass and damaged wood comes with a lot of danger. Make sure you wear protective gear before commencement.

·         Check Out Broken Glass

Check cracked panes for stability before you start working to ensure that they don't fall out while you are working on the window. Gently press against the glass to check.

·         If It Can't be Taken up, Take it Out

All cracks located inside and out must be secured by wide masking tape. Remove and dispose of all panes that can't be taped. Do this before you begin to board up. For maximum safety, after taping cracks, ensure the glass is covered with masking tape strips.

·         Measure the Window and Frame

Take measurements of the external edges of the window frame and note. Then measure the width as well.

·         Cover In case of Bad Weather

Weathers are unpredictable. In boarding up a window, safety should be of prime importance. Stay safe by covering taped panes with heavy plastic trash bags, and using clear packaging tape to secure them in and out. You can also speed up the process by using a staple gun to attach the plastic bags to a window frame.

·         Measuring, Cutting, and Drilling

Measure your plywood sheet and cut to the needed size using a circular saw.Your frame measurements will determine how to drill in the pilot holes that will be in perfect alignment with the middle of the frame.

·         Mount it up and Secure it Firmly

  Place the plywood directly over the covered window. Use the pilot holes to firmly secure the board up with pin-point screws and a power drill. This is faster and easier than using a nail and hammer.

Now Before You Ascend That Ladder

If you aren't sure you can do this yourself, you might want to consider calling in a professional for the following reasons

  • This is not normal building maintenance, and it is riddled with dangers.
  • The job can be handled more easily and quickly by a professional who can navigate through the murky waters of insurance claims and tidy up any kind of emergency cleanup.
  • It saves cost if you are handling more than one window.

So if you aren't sure whether you want to climb that ladder and you are searching for a top glazier in Essex, just remember that you can count on us at Essex Glaziers.  All you need is just one call to gain access to our topnotch services. Call us now on 01702 680712.

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