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Everything You Should Know About Your Stress Cracked Window Glass

Everything You Should Know About Your Stress Cracked Window Glass

28 Sep 2020

Would you believe that glass and not just humans can be stressed as well? Perhaps you have noticed a crack in one of your window glasses or panes, and you cannot see any form or indication of damage. You may be wondering how that crack got there, and what you can do to prevent more cracks to the same or other window glasses.

As one of the leading company that provides glass repair services in Essex, we are here to tell you why your window glass is cracked and what you can do about it.

Stress cracks! What are they?

It is possible for a glass window to become cracked even when it has not been struck with something or made contact with something. The major cause for that is stress. The stress is a result of the glass in the window going through expansion and contraction. How does this happen? During temperature fluctuations, different parts of the glass in the window expand, and at different rates. It is all based on their level of exposure to the thermal point. The stress of the different rates of expansion causes the glass to change, leading to cracks in the glass.

Causes Of Stress Cracks

In simple terms, the major cause of cracks in window glasses is temperature. The fluctuations of temperature exposed to the window glass can cause its cracking. For example, warm or even hot weather, followed by a cold or chilling night can cause stress cracks.

This is because the sudden drop of temperature hitting the outer part of the window glass as opposed to the inner and warmer side of the window glass will cause stress on the rapidly contracting and expanding parts of the glass.

Knowing When You Have A Stress Crack

It is not difficult to point out or identify a stress crack. Although you should not expect a crack from one end of the glass to the opposite end just yet, they usually start at the end or edge of the glass pane. When it starts, it extends to about 3 inches from the edge of the glass. As time goes on and the stress levels increases, the cracks extend further into the glass pane.

Preventing Stress Cracks

On a general note, stress cracks cannot be stopped. This is due to the fact that we have no influence over temperature where we live. However, we can control the rate at which the glass is stressed by using much thicker glass panes. Also, consider your climate before making your choice of glass for windows.

Having a stress crack in your window glass does not necessarily mean it is completely damaged. You can simply have them replaced with another of better quality by contacting us. At Essex Glazier, we have the best team of expert Glaziers in Essex. Make sure you give us a call for more information on how we deliver our services. For window glass replacement and repair of cracked window glass, get in touch with us today.