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Double Glazing Repair Service

Double Glazing Repairs in Essex

If what you're looking for is a good double glazing repair, then you have come to the right place. Here at Essex Glaziers, we provide a wide range of repair services for double-glazed windows and doors.

Since we are professional and certified double glazing installer we know exactly how to fix it when it goes bad. We have expert glaziers capable of fixing misted sealed units, locks, handles, and friction hinges. Our repair is safety-based, and the double-glazed windows we provide requires low cost of maintenance.

We pride in our ability to provide our clients with reliable and value-oriented service to meet their double glazing needs in Essex. Contact us for double glazing repair in Essex.

For repairs of sash windows, French doors, front doors, back doors, and other uPVC products, we are well-grounded to give you excellent service.

When it comes to double glazing, we are your top choice.

See what our double glazing repair covers

  • Repair of friction hinges – Friction hinge provides better resistance to its pivoting motion. When you need to repair friction hinges, the weight of your panel or door as well as the length from pivot point should be known.
  • uPVC window locks – Broken locks affect overall security of your home and so, getting them replaced is of utmost importance. Our glazing experts will replace damaged locks soon so that you feel protected in your house.
  • Damaged uPVC window glass – Our glaziers will do necessary repairs for broken windows or doors without disrupting your private life. We follow safety measures and ensure kids as well as pets stay away from any misbehavior with parts or tools.
  • uPVC window hinges – Our glazing specialists will replace and remove broken hinges with additional security. These are meant to last for several years without lessening overall performance.
  • Misted sealed units – Mists occur due to double glazing windows that have not been installed properly. If it is an extensive problem, then you should replace double glazed option. But when the problem gets restricted to a few unites, then it is necessary to repair it.
  • uPVC window handles – There are different kinds of windows and doors handles with extra fittings you might require. Some of these are door knockers and letterboxes. It is suggested to contact our installers who can help in selecting the right product and repair the fittings properly.

Should you need any of these services, get in touch with our team on 01702 608712. We will respond immediately. If your need is not covered here, kindly reach out to any member of our team, and it will be taken care of.

When you need to repair or replace double glazing option

How will you decide if you need to repair or replace your damaged double glazing windows or doors? Well, a glazing expert is the right person who can suggest when you should get the work done. At Essex Glaziers, we treat our valuable customers just like our family. We will never suggest for a replacement when it is possible to repair the damage. This can save your valuable time in replacement works as well as installation.

There are certain cases when you won’t be able to fix the issue without compromising your double glazing. You will also find situations when a repair seems to be cost effective in comparison to a replacement. Due to this reason, it would be in your best interest for doing necessary replacement. You need to get in touch with our experienced glaziers who will evaluate the entire situation and then provide expert advice.

Double glazing replacement and installation

We have a time-efficient repair service that will leave a smile on your face. When you call us, we'll get to you as soon as possible and get on with the repair. We come fully prepared with all the necessary materials and parts. Our work will not mess up your premises as we take care to clean up your space once we're done. The glass windows we install are made of high-quality materials.

Our double glazing repair covers private, commercial, and industrial buildings. The major comebacks we have is because our service has been tried and tested. Our job speaks for itself!

So, if you require double glazing for your home or office, give us a call soon. We'll be glad to help.

FAQs on Double Glazing Repair

Double glazed windows have been made to lessen the noise that comes from outside. If there is extreme noise that disturbs your home, then it is quite possible that a certain part of the windows has stopped working. This might be a major problem with your window frame, the seal present between the glass and the frame or the building and the frame or a problem with glass.

You need to replace double glazing when there is the formation of mist or condensation in between the panes. This denotes the sealants are not working and moisture has been trapped inside that can cause severe dampness, heat loss and damage your window frame.

Double glazing might not work and become less efficient when it becomes old. In case there are drafts around the window frames, this will mean that a seal within or around the window has failed working properly.

The long and short of it is that most double glazing units are meant to last for 20 years, on an average.

Yes, it is quite possible to repair a sealed unit, but it is suggested that the window fitting work should be done by a professional. Essex Glaziers can help in repairing, replacing and maintaining double glazing units to meet the highest standards without causing any kind of damage to window frame.

Well, you will be astonished to know that there can be condensation on the inside or outside window panes of double glazing option. This ensures your windows are working efficiently in order to avoid draughts and allow warmth to enter inside and keep cold outside.

Whats our client says

Thank you so much for a very good, quick and friendly service! A very thorough and professional job. We are happy customers! Thank you again Brad.

Essex Glagziers Client Review
Issy A. Stars Rating

Thank you for replacing the glass in our daughter's sash window today. A top business with excellent client service, very competitive price and a brilliant job. I cannot recommend this business highly enough.

Essex Glagziers Client Review
Annalise G. Stars Rating

Great lad, thanks for coming so quickly as getting the window boarded up!

Essex Glagziers Client Review
Louis N. Stars Rating