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Window Repair Colchester

Window Repair Colchester

Are your window panes broken? Do you find it difficult to open and close your windows? Are you considering changing the locks on your window? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or your situation is similar, then you can contact us for window repairs in Colchester.

We have a team of experts, experienced in the repair and replacement of windows of any kind. Whether it is a common window type or an extremely complicated, window type, you can trust our years of expertise and prowess to get it properly fixed.

Just give us a call.

Our Guarantee

We are fully accredited and have been practising for a while. We belong to various trade schemes in the replacement of doors and windows sector. We can fix your windows and ensure that they are compliant with the building safety regulations in Colchester.

Our Rates

We charge from €37.50 per half-hour. We have a fixed-price for planned services and discounted half-day and full day rates.

Our Services

We carry out a variety of services including;

  • Releasing jammed windows
  • Replacing broken window handles, hinges and locks if they cannot be fixed.
  • Repairing broken window panes
  • Sealing up leaks in windows
  • Many more!

Why Choose Us?

In addition to being readily available, we are a transparent company. You would not find any hidden charges added to your rates. We have experienced tradesmen dedicated to finding solutions to your problems. As a part of our generous offer, we would not charge you for travel time, congestion, or even the cost of parking!

Contact Us

If you need a window repair in Colchester, kindly contact us by calling 01702 680712. We will show up as fast as we can, inspect your fault and start working on a solution.

We have some of the best deals in Colchester. Contact us today.