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Fixing a Broken or Cracked Window Temporarily with Glaziers

Fixing a Broken or Cracked Window Temporarily with Glaziers

21 Dec 2020

Windows provide natural light and proper ventilation at the living spaces and offer outdoor views with architectural interest to your mind. But there are times when you take them for granted if the windows have performed really well over the years. When you plan out a dinner with your family members and the window pane breaks or cracks suddenly, your dinner plan gets ruined and this is the time when you just cannot wait for fixing the windows.

Taking the help of emergency glazing in Essex is the only option for speedy window repair services at the most odd hour. There is nothing to panic as you can get the windows fixed and prevent bad weather as well as insects to enter your house. There are a few things you will need and these are the following:

  • Work gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Clear packing tape
  • A Sturdy trash bag
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail polish
  • Thick, clear plastic sheeting

Repair process for a crack window pane

Wear your work gloves and examine damaged window pane carefully. When it gets cracked and there is no glass missing, you need to press cracked area gently in order to ensure that the glass is not enough for falling out. After this, you need to place a piece of clear tape over the crack and do it on both sides of the window pane and then rub tape for air bubbles to smooth out. In case there is a small hole or missing glass pieces near the intersection of cracks, then patch the glass by applying nail polish. With the help of smooth strokes, you have to apply nail polish in layers in small amount at a time. Allow the nail polish to dry properly between coats and then keep applying till the holes get patched properly.

Repair process for a broken window pane

If there is a hole in the damaged window, then this is very large for tape or nail polish. So, you need to remove loose glass shards carefully with the help of work gloves. Make sure you calculate the area that should be covered and try to cover the entire broken window pane for better safety and security concerns. Cut a trash bag to adjust with scissors and then cover broken pane with different layers of the bag. After this, tap it into proper place by using clear packing tape. You need to cover both sides of the broken pane in this way.

Another option for broken or cracked window pane

If you require further security or if aesthetics is not a major concern, then you can board up your window by covering with different pieces of board you need require. After this, you need to nail them into the window frame or sill.

There are certain homeowners who believe that a shattered window offers the perfect reason for getting them replaced. You need to contact glaziers who can help with full-frame window replacement and glass repair service that will improve the style and beauty of your home. They will also suggest several design options as well as energy efficient features that you really want to install in your house. These windows are a great option for complete security and less maintenance on the part of homeowners.