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Everything You should know about Secondary Glazing Option

Everything You should know about Secondary Glazing Option

27 Apr 2021

Are you staying in a listed property? If yes, then you might feel that you cannot do much for improving your house. It seems to be really frustrating during the cold months when you just cannot upgrade the windows where a lot of heat is being lost.

This is the reason secondary glazing is a good choice for homeowners who want to make energy-saving changes and at the same time, improve heat retention as well as save on the energy bills.

About secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is about the installation of an additional windowpane in front of original windows of your house. This acts in the form of double glazing which can lessen the problem of cold draughts and reduce external noise.

It is believed to be less expensive than double glazing having several benefits.

Whether it is from an aesthetic point of view, it might seem somewhat obstructive but after being installed, it is quite easy to use and discreet fitting in with your home.

When secondary glazing does not look good in its appearance, you won’t be able to enjoy all the features of a personalised window that matches with overall look of your home. 

Benefits of secondary glazing for your home

Secondary glazing is said to be the perfect option for the ones on a limited budget who want energy-saving benefits. This is comparatively inexpensive than installing new windows.

Installing secondary glazing is indeed a small task and can be completed within a few hours by an emergency glazier in Essex. The major difference that lies will be noticeable and may last for as long as you have installed secondary glazing option.

This type of glazing option can help to maintain overall look and feel of your house from outside. Installing the window won’t be visible externally but internally it acts within the window itself.

It offers the elimination of cold draughts and ensures complete peace in your home thus, blocking out unwanted external noise.

Hence, secondary glazing can be considered to be a good option for homeowners who have a restricted budget but want to have all the benefits of a double glazing option.

Can secondary glazing be good like double glazing?

The answer is yes in certain ways based on why you need to install secondary or do double glazing repairs in Essex. Secondary glazing is a better option when compared to double glazing in reducing the external noise. The secondary windowpanes are usually away from the actual single glazing window that can lessen the external noise.

Double glazed windows are comparatively closer together and though they perform a good task in lessening outside noise, secondary glazed windows move a step ahead.

If you reside in an area where there seems to be lots of noise, then secondary glazing might be a better investment when compared to double glazed windows.

Thus, you need to search for a reputed glazing company in Essex where the professionals can help with necessary repair and installation works in your house.