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All You Require To Know About Double Glazing

All You Require To Know About Double Glazing

13 Aug 2020

Considering the way most people perceive double glazing, it seems as though it does not get the hype and recognition it deserves for a such a remarkable leap in the installation of all kinds of glazing designs, from windows to sliding doors.

Double glazing is a quite ubiquitous concept in the field of construction and home decoration. In case you still don’t know what it means, double glazing is commonly used in all types of glass installation, and it involves a thin layer of air or an inert gas such as argon that separates two panes of glass placed in the same frame. The thin layer between the panels is what makes this concept remarkable. If you are considering double glazing in Essex or if you’re unsure how double glazing may provide extra benefits to your home, do not hesitate to reach us on 01702 680712.

In this post, we will be exploring what double glazing is all about. Follow through to get all the information you need.

What does double glazing do?

If you’re still wondering what other advantages there is to double glazing, there are quite a few advantages. Below are some of the functions double glazing provides.

  • Reduces heat loss and drafts

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of double glazing and the function for which it was initially designed for, which is to reduce heat loss in an interior space. Double glazing significantly prevents the escape of heat loss from a property, as much as possible. Additionally, it reduces the amount of draft that can penetrate the seams.

  • Provides acoustic insulation

Apart from reducing heat loss and drafts, double glazing also offers effective acoustic insulation in contrast to single glazing. This is made possible by the extra material and vacuum between the two panels that limits the amount of sound that can penetrate a doubled glazed installation. The principle behind this is quite straightforward. Typically, when sound waves hit a surface, some are absorbed, and some are bounced off while the others pass through the surface material. The extra materials and the thin space between them, in double glazed installations, offer a myriad of buffers that make the house quieter.

  • Increases security

An advantage of double glazed installations over single glazed panels is the provision of extra security. Having two glass panes present in the same frame offer additional security to a property.

  • Reduces build-up of condensation

It is typical for windows in a car to steam up on a cold day because of condensation forms on surfaces that are cooler than the surrounding air. This is why one can observe that on days like this, the windows are cold, but it is warm inside the car. Since double glazed installations offer heat loss reduction, this means that the interior pane glass does not get as cold. Consequently, this prevents the build-up of condensation. As a result, a reduction in the moisture of the building can be achieved, preventing issues like mould, of laundry that can take longer to dry.

Types of double glazing

Typically, double glazing installations are executed in basically the same manner. The only distinction is in the kind of materials used. It is common to use uPVC(unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) for any installation associated with glazed windows. This is majorly because it is very cheap to manufacture and also, it is relatively very durable and recyclable although other alternatives exist.

It is also possible to construct frames in aluminium and wood. With the vast progress that has been made in modern technology, these can now have a considerably huge size and can equally work as good as uPVC, in a visual and practical manner.

There are quite a number of options involved with the glass itself, and they include:

  • Low E Glass

The Low E glass means low emissivity glass. Basically, it consists of thin metal (low e) coating that is applied to a side of the glass pane to generate an insulating effect. This then causes a restriction in the amount of heat that is transferred between either side of the glass pane. Additionally, it also generates and increases the energy efficiency of the installations.

  • Float glass

This refers to a technique that is employed in the production of most modern window glasses. It involves the generation of the uniform perfectly flat finish produced by floating molten glass on a layer of molten metal.

  • Laminated glass

There is no doubt that double glazing offers more security than single glazed installations. However, the presence of laminated glass further increases the level of security it offers. Laminated glass panels consist of two bonded glass sheets. This leads to the ability of the pane to remain intact, holding itself together, even if it breaks, instead of smashing into pieces.

  • Toughened glass

Just as the name suggests, this type of glass has undergone heating tempering processes to increase its strength to ensure that in the event of breakage, the glass breaks into small pieces and does not explode into sharp shards. This kind of glass has become a standard in a lot of things, from car windscreens to telephone boxes. The use of toughened glass in double glazing offers extra safety and security.

A window of opportunity

We hope by now you have a good idea of what you need to know about double glazing. It is no longer news that double glazing has become the new normal for glass upgrades in most houses around the nation and even the world. The myriad of benefits it offers makes the home warmer, more quiet and more energy efficient.

If you have any questions about glass, glazing, how you could beautifully transform your home or any related concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Essex Glaziers to get expert glazing services. Contact us on 01702 680712 for your double glazing repairs and glazing installations.